We offer full factory concourse to complete custom builds that allow us to create your dream car. We work closely with our/your preferred mechanic and upholstery shop to give you the finest finished product.

Customs & Classics

Have that classic, antique or old hot rod in the garage that you have always dreamed of restoring? We are highly qualified and have the ability to take on any restoration project. If you would like to discuss your project, please give us a call or bring your classic vehicle by!

Fiber Glass Repair


From your custom speed boat to your classic Corvette, we can get it ready for the summer with fiberglass repair, detailing, and custom paint jobs. We also offer exterior detailing to ensure your watercraft is looking good and ready for the water. 


Please note: We can accommodate projects up to 21ft.

Collision Repair


When your classic vehicle is in an accident, we offer nothing but timely, high quality repairs. We use nationally recognized standards to ensure your vehicle is being repaired with the utmost level of quality and with your safety in mind. In addition, we will bill any insurance company for your classic car.


We do not bill all insurance companies on your modern vehicle. As manufacturer repair standards are important, we want to ensure that the safety and value of your car is restored properly. For estimates and scheduling, please contact us.